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If your future goal is to make your local soccer team, then you have come to the right place. I will provide you with some drills and tips that have helped me prepare for a tryout. These drills will not only get you physically ready, but mentally as well. Throughout reading this article remember that the best thing you can do to prepare yourself before trying out, is to practice and give it all you’ve got.

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The first thing that you want to do before even trying out is to practice. Practicing will not only serve as a rough draft of your skills, but it will also help improve them. Think of practicing as a review before the big final exam. A review that you must study every day to ensure that you’ll be ready when the big day comes.

These are some of the critiques that coaches judge in a player:

  • Players technique and positions
  • Physicality and mentality
  • Attitude and ability to learn

So what do you practice? Well, everything. By everything, I mean everything. You must be at the top of your game before a tryout. Try to be an all-around player and not just a forward or a defender. Being at the top of your game does not mean that just because you can do a couple of cool tricks you have guaranteed yourself a spot on the team. No, you must ensure that your body is ready and your mind. Make sure that you’ll be able to withstand all the running your coaches will be putting you through. Not only that but also conditioning work; such as jumping boxes and pushing weights. So, my recommendation to practice for your physical training would be to run on track for about a mile or 4 laps depending on where you are running. You can do this training by running straight with no rest for 1 lap and jogging slowly for the other and do the same until you finish 4 laps. Make sure that when you do this exercise you are inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. After you complete this, try to do about 10 push-ups or sit ups right after. I know this may sound easy but TRUST ME, it’s difficult.


Another thing to do is to work on your agility. Use the latter exercise to better your agility and quickness. Before trying out any of these exercises make sure you get a good stretch. One thing that you want to do is to start try outs practice early and prepare yourself thoroughly. By early I mean weeks ahead and not 1 week ahead.

As far as your skills and performance go, you want to be the best. You want to give it all you’ve got when you try out for soccer or any other sport. The coaches will see that you have the spirit. Make sure that your shooting technique is correct. If you want to try out for a forward or striker position you need to be fast, know how to shoot properly, and control the ball. You also must know how to pass the ball and keep as much position of it as you can. I will attach some videos that will better demonstrate drills that you can practice to get ready.

Here are a few tips that have helped me with my past tryout history:

  • Arrive early. 10 to 20 minutes is good enough for me. You want to use this time to maybe talk to the couch or get to know your teammates. Introduce yourself and be friendly.
  • Stretch so that you’ll be ready to give it your all without any injuries.
  • Believe you can do it. If you don’t believe you won’t succeed. I came to find out that talking to yourself is a great thing to get you pumped up. Saying things such as “I can do this, I will do this” can help your mindset a lot. I don’t mean to scream, I just mean to do it softly so that you’ll be the only one hearing it.
  • Practice on touching the ball and getting a good touch and maybe taking some shoots if you’re able to.
  • Give it your all. You have trained so much for this moment, now you have to give all you’ve got on the field.

Before you intend to try any of these drills, make sure that you’re prepared. These techniques have worked for me, that doesn’t you’ll be up for the challenge or be able to finish. Consult a professional physician before trying these drills out.


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